Warrior Evo Warp White High Pocket Lacrosse Head

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Patented/Patent Pending Warp™ Technology offers the very first, fully engineered head/pocket combination. No more stringing your head, breaking in your mesh, or adjusting your pocket. Simply attach your head to your handle with our patented LOC-THROAT™ system and play.

Warp™ Technology creates a more consistent & accurate release with every pass and shot. Each engineered pocket location (Low, Mid or High) provides better hold and feel than traditional mesh pockets.

The Warp™ pocket is made from the lightest of all textile fibers - water & weather resistant polypropylene. Not only does this material possess unique wicking characteristics it also has the durability to maintain an unmatched level of performance over the course of a season.

Kevlar® sidewall creates an extremely durable bond between the head & pocket

Warrior's patented LOC-THROAT™ eliminates shaft rattle & adds stability

SYM-RAIL™ design eliminates excess weight & provides maximum stiffness

TruOffset® lowers the sidewall for maximum ball control and feel


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